​So far, financial planning has been about 'scenario' planning. There is little in scenario planning that suggests we can shape our environment proactively. Hence, this approach is unable to take advantage of changing circumstances.

Many get caught in the speculation game. They try to predict what may happen in the future and use 'threat-focussed' conventionally acceptable models for financial planning.

Asset Care belongs to today's evolving world. We are quick to spot an opportunity and move with agility, courage and knowledge. We have an entrepreneurial approach to wealth management.



Asset Care was formed in the year 2005. However, the CEO and founder of the company has been in the business of Equity, Real Estate and Insurance since 1990. Over the years, one has experienced market fluctuations, historic events, terrorism and calamities, thus sensitising and equipping us to deal with the exposure to risk and evaluation of opportunities.
We are sharing some of our experiences and learnings over the years.



On July 26th, 2005, 11 years ago, Mumbai drowned in 944mm of rain. The deluge, referred to ever since simply as ‘26/7’ in the manner of a terrorist attack, killed over 500 people and left the city with indelible scars.


Thousands of cars were submereged in flood water all over the city, leading to unprecedented and never-seen-before number of claims. Insurance companies, deluged with the amount of claims, rejected them unfairly.


Asset Care, incorporated on 4th August 2005, had to represent close to 100 claims of its clients within the first week of operations.


Asset Care took the initiative of forming a consortium of insurance agents to represent the case of 1000s of suffering customers. The insurance company, under duress had no choice but to treat the claims fairly and settle them satisfactorily.


1993: Bombay Bomb Blasts
2002: Settled over 500 health insurance claims in one year. It was a calamity being an outburst of sickness.
2004: Fire at Navi Mumbai Hazardous Risk Being a Chemical Factory
2005: Bombay Floods
2005: Fire at Film City Goregaon Mumbai
2007: Taj Hotel & V T Station Terrorist Attack


Our experience in Equity investment dates back to the days when shares were held in physical format. We have been an investor as well as a consultant to several clients since 1990. 
We have witnessed the market behaviour first hand through scams and terrorist activities including the 1992 Harshad Mehta scam, 1993 Mumbai Blasts, 1999 Ketan Parekh, 2006 Telgi Stamp Paper Scam.  
Needless to state, being first hand witnesses and participants in the market through volatile and exuberent times, has led to a deep understanding of market dynamics.
Today, we manage demat and trading accounts of many clients and have been averaging a return of over 18% pa. 


Our journey into the world of Real Estate was borne out of a personal experience.
Our founder CEOs family had not cared for their valuable land in Andheri, Mumbai which they had purchased in 1968. The fact that it was grabbed illegally by some powerful parties, was discovered after three decades in 1998.
Once discovered, our CEO solved this complex case within a short span of nearly 10 months. Consent terms were filed and the land grabber paid the market price of land.
Such swift solving of a complicated 3 decade old case is almost unheard of. This case became legendary in the corridors of Mumbai high court. 
In our hearts we thank Justice Sam Variava and Justice Kapadia for providing true justice in appeal no 765 of 1998 Notice of Motion no 1936 of 1998 in suit no 2392
Exposure to this incident, led to a deep understanding of land and real estate transactions in India. Land grabbing apart, even today several cases of balatant flouting of norms, illegitimate grabbing of homes, non-compliance during construction and possession is rampant. This pains us deeply.
Propelled by this incident, with the intent of providing a clean, ethical and transparent platform to buyers and sellers of land and property in India, Asset Care ventured into Real Estate.